2. Lab Members


JON SAKATA (PI; Associate Professor): I think beavers are pretty neat.


LOGAN JAMES (PHD STUDENT): Logan is studying mechanisms underlying the control and plasticity of syllable sequencing.


YI NING (NANCY) CHEN (RESEARCH ASSISTANT): Nancy is studying the neural mechanisms underlying vocal and auditory learning.  


ANCA VOCHIN (MSC STUDENT): Anca is investigating how neuromodulators affect  song control and auditory processing.   


MALCOLM KENNEDY (MSC STUDENT): Malcolm is researching statistical models of songbird syntax.  


RAINA FAN (MSC STUDENT; co-supervisor): Raina is studying the degree to which social and non-social learning share similar neural substrates. 


AVISHEK PAUL (PHD STUDENT/WORK STUDY): Avishek is implementing machine learning techniques to model songbird perception.






Previous lab folks:

Yi Ning (Nancy) Chen: (Master’s; currently in MD-PhD program at Queen’s University; but still kind of with us!)

Laura Matheson (Master’s; currently at University of British Columbia Medical School)

Danielle Toccalino (Master’s)

Herie Sun (BSc; current at Cornell Medical School)

Andrew Matheson (BSc; currently at New York University, Neuroscience)

Cindy Zhu (BSc; currently at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School)

Jocelyn Andruko (currently at University of Alberta Medical School)

Judith Tchen (BSc; currently at McGill University School of Communication Disorders)

Catharine McCann (BSc; currently at University of Toronto Medical School)

Alexander Dawson (BA; currently at University of Toronto, Dept. of Anthropology)

Stephanie Scodras (BSc; currently at University of Toronto, Program in Physiotherapy)

Laura Lambert (currently at McGill University)

Benjamin Jung (currently at the Intramural program at the NIH)

Firrhaana Sayanvala (BSc; currently at McMaster Medical School)

Jennifer Dai (BSc; currently at Mount Sinai Medical School)

Raina Fan (BSc; graduate program in Biology at McGill University)

Rosemarie Vincent (BSc; medical program at McGill University)

Amir Jalayer (BSc)

Gaurav Isola (MSc)

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